Emu Oil

What in the hay is an Emu anyway?

To begin with, an Emu is a large bird from Australia, its actually a very very large bird and is known as the second largest living bird in the world. Emu's can reach heights of over 5 ft tall and weigh over 100 lbs! The long legged birds are brown in color, with a dark grayish head. Don't mess with an Emu if you are slow. An adult Emu can run at speeds over over 30 miles per hour and can deliver a powerful kick via there long legs and three toed foot. Studies show a stable and healthy worldwide population of around 650,000 birds.

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Benefits of Emu Oil

So the claimed benefits of Emu Oil are endless. The oil comes from adipose tissue ( or the fat ) harvested from an Emu. I will cover the several of the most popular benefits of the oil. First, Emu Oil is known to help cosmetically with moisturizing the skin. Celebrities such as Cate Blanchett have reported extraordinary results for skin moisturizing and often credits Emu Oil for her facial skin maintaining a beautiful and youthful look. As a moisturizer, emu oil works well for improving hydration and also offers fewer side effects for people with eczema skin conditions.

Pain Management

The anti inflammatory properties found in Emu oil is the primary reason the oil is know to help with pain relief. The Emu Oil is high in several essential fatty acids such as Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9, which all help to reduce muscular and arthritic joint pains. Many sports fans will recognize baseball hall of fame star Johnny Bench and known user of Emu Oil. Here is the commercial he did promoting Blue Emu Oil.

EMU the Bible and where to buy?

Okay here's where things get a little interesting. After hearing friends talk about the benefits of using Emu Oil, I begin to research where to buy the best EMU Oil products. During this research quest I stumbled on a few random bits of information. So first of all, EMU.edu has nothing to do with EMU Oil...insert laughing out loud emoji here or old school smiley face :) but... the University does believe in the Bible which brings me to the next item in my discovery. While selecting the best EMU Oil vendors, I had certain criteria in mind. 1. The store, farm or ranch needed to be conscience on how to humanely and properly take care of animals. Free to roam, fed well...you get the point. 2. Good reputation and time in business, as credibility is important I wasn't looking for a newly formed website that just got wind of the health benefits of EMU Oil and is trying to cash in on the craze. 4. The bonus for me as a Christian, was when I noticed that one place in particular. Country Divine had a great inspirational story about how their faith in God and reading the Bible helped them find their way during difficult times in business. Read the owners testimony here. For those of you that are reading and into the Christian related stuff and the Bible...check out this fun Random Bible Verse spinning wheel that randomly gives you a daily verse on certain topics.

In Conclusion:

I encourage anyone to do their own research as I have done in regard to the health benefits of EMU Oil and if you decide you want to use EMU Oil and see for yourself about any of the applications I already covered, please check out the links I have provided to the veterans in the EMU Oil industry.

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  2. Where to buy:

2 ounces Montana Emu Ranch Oil available for sale at Natural Grocers around the country.

I will be adding Emu related information that I find helpful to others in the future, but in the meantime if anybody has questions or suggestions or comments you can send to: j......@gmail.com